Friday, December 17, 2010

Heart a-flutter Friday

Happy Happy Happy Friday, Lovlies!  It's only one week til Christmas Eve!
If you still need some last-minute gifts, I hope this inspires you to get out there & get your shopping done; Christmas isn't meant to be stressful!  Finish it up so you can celebrate. 

Recycled Hanging Pendant Lights by BootsNGus on Etsy
I want these in my future home.  They're funky & repurposed & retro & adorable; how fun would a grouping of these be over a dining room table?  Girly nesting sigh.

Feather Earrings by MetalWendler on Etsy
SO FUN.  I know feathers are a hipster trend, but just a little touch like this, in a bright color (and sans pointless forehead headband), could be a really cool addition to any basic outift.

Skinny Leather Bangles by AmyFine on Etsy
These bracelets with the earrings above?  Check.  Instant coolness & Silverlake street cred.

Earthy Cheese Plate by LennyMud on Etsy
I LOVE this.  I know it looks like someone spilled stuff all over it, but there's just something so neat about it.  The colors, textures, and especially the raised sides make a serving plate I'd want to display, even when I'm not slicing up some cheese (but, let's face it, when is that??)

Sweater Bangle Crochet Bracelet by MyGiantStrawberry on Etsy
Adorable.  I want to wear this and a long hippie skirt whilst weaving daises in my hair.  Or, you know, on a Tuesday.  Just bohemian enough to go with everything.

Coffee Clutch & Moleskine Notebook Set by TheWren on Etsy
This recycled clutch is really cute AND it comes with a moleskine notebook!!  Done and done.

Matte Gold Modern Triangle Earrings by AllisonMooney on Etsy
These are simple, lovely and charmingly irregular.  Understated enough to wear everyday and pretty enough for a special event, these are a go-to alternative to tired old hoops.

Original Floral Painting by KarenFieldsGallery on Etsy
This is actually my second cousin's shop!  But I'm not playing favorites; I adore the colors in this bold painting.  How lovely would a room be, decorated in colors from this painting!?

And that's Friday, folks!  I'm off work for two whole weeks for the holidays, so I'm a happy girl!
Have a wonderful, fabulous weekend!

Today I'm so happy and grateful for:
~ the last day of work before a vacation
~ Christmas presents arriving
~ holiday festivities with heaps of friends!

xo! n.

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