Friday, December 10, 2010

Heart a-flutter Friday: the Practical Edition

Happy Friday!
I've been featuring lovely things that set my heart fluttering from their sheer beauty, things I may not need (no one really needs) but that give me a feeling of WANT.  But sometimes the practical side of me speaks up and screams WANT and my heart, though not exactly fluttering, has to agree.  So today's selection of lovliness is more useful than yearned-for, but should still give you some great gift ideas...

TuGo Beverage Carrier
This is BRILLIANT.  I usually travel alone, and I cannot tell you how many times I've spilled scalding coffee all over myself while trying to manage my carry-on suitcase, giant purse (let's face it, it's basically a suitcase disguised as a purse), my boarding pass and my 4am (or whatever ungodly hour I'm traveling) coffee.  With this nifty contraption, maybe I can even navigate the airport with a drink AND food!  (or maybe I shouldn't push my luck...)

Lights Out Sleep Mask
Yes, you will look a bit like an alien in this.  But it will be super awesomely useful when you're on a red-eye flight, taking a daytime nap, or just hungover and allergic to light.  The pop-out eyeballs allow for REM sleep so you can get a better rest than traditional eye masks.  I'll be dreaming of sugarplums and candy canes.  Droool...
I haven't had a lap desk since I was a kid, and I really don't know why not.  I do lots of writing in bed & on the couch (so lazy!), usually with a cup of coffee or tea by my side.  This desk not only tilts for my comfort (!) but has a separate tray for my beverage of choice (!!) so I can be sure to not spill peppermint hot chocolate all over my keyboard.

Zinnia Sandwich Sak by WasteNotSaks on Etsy
Beautiful, practical AND earth-friendly!  Ditch the plastic ziplock bags - this is a machine washable snack bag that comes in different sizes & patterns; it looks so stylish no one needs to know you're hoarding food in your purse for that inevitable afternoon slump...

Reusable, foldable bags by Baggu
I try to be green, but I always forget my reusable bags.  These fold up into a purse-sized 5'x5' pouch, expand to hold the contents of 3 plastic bags & you can even get a pack of three!  They're so little, I can keep them with me all the time.  AND they come in lots of beeeautiful colors!

Chrysanthemum Hoop Pinboard by BlissInATeacup on Etsy
This is a lovely, useful idea.  Instead of a traditional jewlery box or corkboard, why not use a sweet fabric pinboard like this one to hang necklaces, earrings, notes, photos, etc - it's a useful piece of art!

Cottage Wall Shelf by ACountryWay on Etsy
Purty and practical, I LOVE that this shelf has a mason jar vase IN it.  I would hang cozy blankets from the hooks and maybe stack some vintage books on top... with fresh flowers in the jar, of course.

And that's it for today!
Do any of you have great practical present ideas?  Please share!
Hope you have a magical winter weekend!

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ Etsy, my go-to present & creative inspiration source
~ yogurt-covered pretzels - yum.
~ the weeeeeeekeeeeend!!!

xo!  n.

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