Friday, December 3, 2010

Heart a-flutter Friday

It's Friday again lovely people!

Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mug by Yevgenia on Etsy
This handpainted mug is perfect for the on-the-go, environmentally friendly person on your list (and it comes in lots of different colors & patterns, most of which remind me of illustrations from children's books!).  My grandma paints porcelin, so I'd probably get her to make one for me, but for those of you with non-artistic grannies, this might add just the right amount of class to your morning coffee.

Love Note Mini's by VicinityStudio on Etsy
If I had a bf, you'd better believe I'd be hiding these all around his house.  Crazy?  I don't care.  They're too dang adorable to not use 'em all!

Mini Goals Chalkboard by MaryKateMcDevitt on Etsy
A beautiful space for your daily To Do list that cheers you on!  Hooray!

The True Romantic Pouch by Aylla on Etsy
So cute and simple.  It looks rugged enough to use everyday (or to survive ME using it - I am rough on things!) but the blue ruffle pocket dresses it up so it could be the perfect clutch for a low-key girls night or date.

Agate Druzy Sterling Silver Ring by DreamsandJewlery on Etsy
Isn't this stone just incredible!!??  It kind of looks like something alien or alive - it's almost a little gross... but gorgeous at the same time.  Maybe for the horror-fan jewlery-wearer on your list?

iPhone case by CoolBeans717 on Etsy
I consider my ipod on shuffle the giantest most awesomest mix tape ever.  For any music-loving child of the '80s with an ipod.
Rustic Stoneware Dinnerware by OneClayBead on Etsy
LOVE these bright colors and the uneven, handmade feel of these dishes; the bottoms of them are unglazed & covered in lovely patterns.  They look like a kid made them - an art-genius, stylish, super-kid.  Like how my future kid will be.  ;)

Charm Bangles by MetalsGirl on Etsy
These bangle bracelets are so neat; not only can you personalize them with a word (like believe or courage or dream), but the other charm is an herb cast in resin & each herb holds a distinct significance (for example, cloves are for love & protection, thyme is for cleansing).  I'm a bit of a hippie so I love this idea & they're super pretty to boot.  I want at least three of them to jingle jangle all up & down my arm!
There you have it!  Hope your heart is as pleasantly a-flutter as mine is.  Have a dreamy weekend.

Today I'm so grateful & happy for:
~ gift-giving season
~ lovely blues &  turquoises (there are a lot of blues catching my eye today!)
~ all the great comments I've been getting all this new series - thank you so much for visiting my blog!

xo!  n.

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