Friday, December 31, 2010

5...4...3...2... Happy Heart a Flutter Friday!!

Holey moley, I am not so great at keeping up my blog whilst traveling - especially when it's family time.  I apologize for my week's absence.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (I will update you on mine this week) and are celebrating tonight!

I like to sparkle on New Years Eve; there's no better time to rock sequins.  In honor of bright and shiny new 2011, here's a bedazzled Heart a Flutter Friday!

Giselle Silk Clutch by Julia Sherry Designs on Etsy
This is beautiful.  Wintery & simple, with just the right amount of bling, and the perfect size for your camera, phone, card and lip gloss - because what else do you need on NYE?

Peacock Pumps by LaPlumeEthere on Etsy
I'm quite sure I would ruin these immediately, but oh lordy it'd be worth it.  Funnest.  Shoes.  Ever.

Lace & Rhinestone Tattoo Tights by Lalilouche on Etsy
I don't know that I have the legs to wear these, but what an unexpected shine these would bring to that perfect LBD.  And what better time for sparkly tights than while you're cheersing bubbly?

Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet by LilahBelleVintage on Etsy
I am diggin' gold lately, and you'd be sure to feel rich with this on your wrist.  Also, if any bar fights break out, this looks pointy and heavy enough to use as a weapon.

Onyx Black Glass & Rhinestone Drop Earrings by AngelPearls on Etsy
Gor-ge-ous.  I would feel like a glamorous international spy at a cocktail party in the 1950's with these on.  I think they'd improve my small talk skills.  Seriously.

LA Woman Upcycled Vintage Cocktail Ring by TheBlackSwanTheory on Etsy
How FUN is this!!?  And I am an LA woman, so it's totally made for me!  It's like a badge of bling for your hand, or a sparkly curtain for your knuckles.  Also, you can use it to blind people with its shine.

Ball Drop - Gold Cascade Headband by deLoop on Etsy
I look like a 12 year old in headbands, but they look fab on my friend Chick & I know she could rock this one out fo sho.  Maybe it's even rad enough to look good on me, too.  It's like golden fireworks in your hair, but a hell of a lot less painful.

Vegas Baby - Vintage dress by Chloezilla on Etsy
OK let's just talk a second about how insane & diva this dress is.  And about how really, the only time most people can get away with wearing it is on NYE.  I would shimmy and shake all over the place like a flapper; I bet it jangles so wonderfully.

I have had an AMAZING 2010 & am looking forward to an even better 2011.  
Happy & healthy & better than you can ever imagine New Year, everyone!!!

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ the awesomeness that was 2010
~ the brilliance that will be 2011
~ holidays with family
~ my big big joyful life!!

xo! n.

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