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20SB Blog Swap!

I participated (a little late) in the 20 Something Bloggers 2010 Blog Swap & got paired with the lovely Linda!  Below is her guest post, and mine is on her blog,  I'm a Big Girl, I can Handle It.  Enjoy!

Action: What will you do next year that you’ve been putting off for too long!?!?
Since this is an article for the 20 Something Bloggers (20SB) blog swap, and this post is currently on Nikki's blog, I will introduce myself. 

My name is Linda and I am a 23yr old black African in London. I just finished uni and I am currently searching for a graduate blog is pretty much my online tells a story about my life as it tells a story about me and topics I am passionate about...things that make me happy...and things that don' shows how much of a contradiction I am sometimes!!
So now I’ll stop blabbing about me...and get right on to the topic at hand...what will I do next year that I have been putting off for too long!?!?

Now I hope I don't sound too cliché...but something I have been putting off for too long is losing weight...and keeping it off for good!!!
When I came to the UK for my studies, I was a perfect size 12 and now I am somewhere between 16 and jokes :-(
The weight gain started in my first year of uni...when I became solely responsible for my food...I was the queen of takeaways, fries, pizzas, chocolates, desserts, you name it!
I was in food heaven cause I didn't have anyone hovering over my shoulder...reprimanding me for eating such bad food!
The summer holidays after my first year...I went back home to Nigeria a size 18...and was immediately put on a diet/exercise program by my Dad....I returned for my second year a size 12.
Pity Daddy was not there to count the calories cause by my 3rd year...I was back to size 18...again!
My fourth year of uni was spent working as part of my degree...and I successfully managed to drop to a size 12/14 on my being a gym junkie and calorie counting...
Unfortunately, I still had one year of uni to go...and it all went downhill...yet again!!!!
I finished my first course a size 16...went on to do another masters for one year...and finished that a size 18...and that is where I am at the moment...5years of uni...and 1year working...
i find it funny that whenever I am away from uni I seem to be able to lose weight but reverse is the case when I still have coursework to hand in...I am so sure that being at uni is a major cause of my weight gain because I have lost 10kg since I left in Sept!!!
I used to think it was stress-induced...but the year I spent working was mega-stressful but I lost weight...the life I have at the moment after uni is mega-stressful but I am losing weight...and this is the reason why I am never going back to uni...because it is a danger to my health :-P I am determined to change my ways...and live a healthy lifestyle...I don't just want to lose weight...I want to be able to run up the stairs without panting...I want to be able to "run" the 2011 race for life...and I particularly want to beat one of my friends top scores on my Wii Fit...after all it is mine :-P
I don't want to be a "fattie" anymore...I don't want the love handles anymore...and I certainly don't want the "chicken wing" arms anymore :-(
I mean absolutely no offence to any full bodied women reading this...I believe that one should settle for the body size that they are comfortable with...if a woman feels good being a size 22...then by all means...that is the size that she should be...but I don't want to be a big girl anymore..I want to be slimmer...and most importantly I want to be healthier!!
I know that I can lose weight...that is not my biggest problem...the main issue is keeping the weight off...I don't want to go through the burden of losing weight and then undoing everything I have laboured for...I am not going to do that again...2011 is going to be different!!!
My plan is to get into a healthy routine...although I really want to lose weight...I want to develop a lifestyle that I can stick I am not going to crash diet...or drink slimming tea...or starve myself...I would rather eat healthy...and exercise...
I want to lose weight the healthy way...and although it might not be the quickest way...I would rather do it this way than any other which would lead me to more weight gain eventually!!
So....that's it...that's my main action for next goal is to be a size 12 by my 24th birthday in July...that gives me seven months to drop three dress that unrealistic, do you think!??!
To be honest, I just want to feel better you if I get to a 12...OK :-)...and if goes long as I feel happier and healthier :-D

Hope you all have your actions for next year...I am so excited about mine...I cant wait to lose all this weight...don't worry I'll put "before" and "after" photos for you to see :-)
I have also made my list of resolutions...and although the year is not over...I am already trying to make the much needed changes...
Isn’t it great when a new year is around the corner...I just love it...hope you do too ;-)
OK...I’ll go now...cause I could honestly go on forever...and we don't want that we!?!? :-P 

Happy holidays people...and I hope the new year is all you want it to be!!
Linda xx
I'm a Big Girl I can Handle It

PS....Thank you Nikki for being my first ever blog swap partner :-)
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