Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan. 7: stanky & nahsty

Stormy looking day. Cool winds & high humidity made it a good day to be working outside but made the house stuffy. Painted. First just Nicko & me, then Chris & Taco joined us. Had a fast food lunch, battled spiders in the kitchen, got the living room done (including the ceiling) & 3 rooms primed.
The boys had a paint fight & painted singlets (tank tops) on each other, joking that they looked like Nick, who has a farmers tan & we tease him as being the whitest Australian. Poor Taco got covered in paint; it looked like he was wearing a T-shirt & leggings. Silly.

I pretty much looked like this, except we were only using white paint. :)

Early in the day, some blonde chick rocked up to the house saying, "I'm just gonna take my table" and Nicko said ok. I looked at him & said, "do you know her?" He didn't & i said we should stop them & he shrugged. They drove away with the table and I felt terrible. I knew it was probably the ex-tenants who disappeared without paying rent, and I knew I should've said something, and I felt SO bad all day for letting them take it.

Got back to the hostel, where Nikki let me read the most hilarious email ever, describing her "tragic" life, and then Nicks mum brought down baby Jackson & Nikki got all broody. As in, she wants a little brood of babies all her own. I will admit, she was good with him. He is absolutely adorable in that baby-that-looks-like-an-old-man way, with a worry-crinkled forehead that breaks into a lopsided toothless smile under big curious blue eyes.

not actally baby Jackson, but this chubster sure does make me giggle.

I told Nick about the table & although he was mad it happened, he wasn't mad at me. I told him it'd been bugging me all day & he gave me a big hug. It made me feel better but at the same time, brought to our attention just exactly how smelly we both were. We stunk, bad. So bad it was laughable.

I tried to take a shower but it was occupied. Thought, ok I'll start dinner & then shower as it simmers. Made a rattatouie kinda thing with heaps of veggies & ground turkey in a broth over rice. It cooked a lot quicker than I'd expected, and I got distracted by Nikki, her guy troubles, and her wine. Never got to the shower. Neither did Nick; he had to work. So we both dragged our stinky selves to the table where we joined Ian, Nicko, Nikki, Brennan, and Taco in completely devouring every bite. Nicko kept saying, "now this is a proper feed!" I guess it was pretty good. :)

Then the movie by the pool started (there's no movie theater in Airlie Beach, so they show a movie outside almost every night) and it was "300" which I'd never seen so... shower can wait. Longer.

The movie was ok but I was annoyed that all the Spartans had different accents & in the end I sort of wished I'd sat in the staff room with Nikki & Laura & watched repeats of "The Office."Or, you know... showered.

A bunch of people were going up to Chris' job-paid-for swanky hotel room to get in the jacuzzi, but I was feeling tired & still oh so stinky. Talked to Ian for a bit about acting (how do I memorize all those words!?!?) and then finally showered!  Felt so nice to be clean again. Talked with Nick for a bit (he had finally showered too so neither of us were nostrilly offensive anymore) & then had a pretty early night to bed.

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ being a good painter
~ honesty
~ sharing with friends

xo!  n.

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