Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 10 & 11: I don't see any gentlemen...

Chris & Nicko have created a "Gentlemans Club" in room 10. It has a huge flat screen TV, DVD collection, doorbell that barks, and even alternating doormats: "g'day mate" or "keep out." You can guess what those are for. There's even a list of hilarious club rules that Nikki & Laura created. The guys spent all day Sunday setting it up. 

I spent all day doing nothing. It was lovely.

Well, not completely nothing. I loaded some pictures to facebook (but it took forever on Nickos computer & I felt bad using it for so long, so I only uploaded the scuba & snorkel ones). I also sat & wrote in my journal for quite a while about what 2009 was & what 2010 will be. Better late than never. Read a novel. Went with Kate to get her ear pierced. Talked about art with a girl from Tasmania, read Cosmo with Nikki, and bugged Nick while he worked.

That night we were all invited to room 10 for the grand opening of the Gentlemans Club. There's not much room in a dorm, especially when you bring more furniture in, so we were all perched on bunk beds. Chris' flat screen TV dominated the room as it filled our vision with "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and we stuffed our faces with popcorn, chocolate & hard cider. Never thought I'd have so much fun at a Gentlemans Club. :-P

me with Nicko & Chris, the proprietors of the Gentelman's Club

Next day, some more of the same. Watched TV in the staff room, legs up on the back of the couch, grinning at Ian's childlike joy as he put together wooden dinosaur models. So cute.

Nick's dad hosted a Gentlemen's Lunch (all these purported "gentlemen"!), which is basically an excuse to eat the fish they've recently caught, get drunk & talk about "man things" without women there to laugh at them. Nick was invited at the last minute & spent the day as the youngest & sober-est member of the lunch, making sure food was cooked properly & rationing out the wine. Then he went & played basketball and then made tea (dinner - it always confuses me bc I think of a literal cup of tea) for our little group. So he was busy on his day off!

I took cosmo quizzes and watched soaps with Nikki & Laura - how stereotypical can you get! After Nick's delicious tea, he & I watched "Reign Over Me" as storms passed through & beat down on the palm leaves outside the window.

I am so grateful & happy for:
~ silly silly silly boys
~ lazy day activities
~ the sound & smell of rain

Xo! n.

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