Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan. 13 & 14: hello sunshine

A whole lot more of nothin' much. Two Sarahs arrived Wednesday, unrelated, Nicko's Aussie girl & a British girl who used to work here 2 years ago & came to surprise Nick. They're both cool; its nice to have some more fun girls around.

Talked with UK Sarah (I'm going to call her Kiwi bc she's lived in New Zealand for 2 years & wants to make it her permanent home) for a while about theater; she's done some amdram & though she's more of a dancer than an actor, it was a good conversation. It reminded me what I really love about live theater.

She also showed me pictures of where she lives - absolutely gorgeous. Stunning mountians with waterfalls into cold lakes; exactly how you'd picture New Zealand.

Sarah's photo of where she lives - Millford Sound

Someone overfilled the pool so it was our duty to splash it out. Cannonballs, flips, wrestling & jumping onto blow-up alligators ("crikey, she's a beaut!"), watergun fights and various other irresponsible activities occurred under the guise of helping out. Hee hee... It was fun.

The newspaper came out with our pictures in it from the other night out - we're famous! Nick cut them out & put them up at reception, labeling each staff member by what they do. Chris & I, being the only ones pictured who aren't staff, were labeled as hostel slut & travel expert, respectively. Chris is pretty proud of his title (ha ha), and I could get used to the title "travel expert" but I think I need to live up to it.

I skyped with my Side Work gang; it was their first production meeting since our show closed in September. It was so good to see everyone & even though I had some problems with the sound, I had a fantastic time talking to them. Nick made fun of me because I was talking & laughing so loud. I can't help it, I was excited. :)

I am so happy & grateful for:
~ skype! And people caring enough about me to want to talk to me
~ playing like kids
~ comfy sundresses

Xo! n.

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