Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan. 26: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!

Woke up on Australia Day at 7:30am to the smoke alarms regular, high-pitched, incessant beep beep beep.  Not the best way to start the celebrations...

It was a bit cloudy but not really raining, just overcast enough that the hostel was pretty full of people looking for something to do, and on Australia Day, the appropriate thing to do is drink.  Beer, specifically.  VB, Toohey's, or Coopers, to be more specific.  Chris woke up and poured himself a bowl of beerflakes - cornflakes and beer.  Ga-ross.

 our VBs on the bar

I wore my new bathing suit (blue with silver stars in the southern cross formation & on the top it says, I heart OZ) and a few other people wore the green & gold football colors or Aussie flag togs (bathing suits), but no one did it up quite as well as the two resident Aussies: Nick and Chris.  Nick wore blue boardies with the flag down the side and a blue singlet (tank top) that said "Aussie" in red across the chest.  But the piece de resistance was the full-length Australian flag he had tied around his neck like a cape; wherever he walked, it billowed out behind him.  Chris was a self-proclaimed bogan in short blue shorts and a blue singlet with hand-drawn southern cross stars, and a green swim cap.  He had an Australian flag tramp stamp fake tattoo, and had put one on Nick's bicep also, so all day long he went around pointing things out like the bodybuilders on SNL.  They looked hilarious.

Chris & Nick in their Oz outfits

Nicko had to leave so he was down all day, and Nick and Chris went with him to the airport to say goodbye.  And then there were only two Niks...

Spent the day outside with a VB in an Australian stubby holder (coozie), in the pool and on the outdoor couches and behind the bar.  The guys played cricket with a child's cricket set & entertained themselves for hours, while I chatted with some Canadians.  We were in and out of the pool, having cannonball & water splashing competitions & building tall human towers.  Fun.

 Me on Ian on Nick, with "Splash" (UK) officiating

We were planning a BBQ but by dinnertime everyone was too tipsy and lazy to grill, so we ordered pizzas.  I had the Aussie pizza with BBQ sauce, egg, bacon, and onions. Yum. Spent the evening watching You Tube videos, and there was a bit of drama with someone making snide comments - I didn't hear them but Nick did; there was no confrontation, it was just an awkward way to end the day.  No matter though; I'm glad I was able to celebrate Australia Day in Oz with Aussies!

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ local celebrations with locals
~ Triple J radio station
~ excuses to dress up and act silly

xo! n.


  1. cute bathing suit...and beerflakes??? ga-ross is right!!

  2. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! I adore Australia... I'm still jealous that you get to live in such a gorgeous place!

    An your Gypsy story's up on my blog!


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