Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random thoughts on a lovely spring day

Every morning I wake up to birds singing, nesting in the trees right outside my window, and the sound of children's laughter from the daycare in the park.  Are there happier sounds to wake up to?  I think not.

On Easter Sunday, we had friends over, as we do every year.  We painted eggs, had three egg hunts (that's right, tipsy 20 & 30 somethings running & yelling around the apartment complex searching for plastic eggs like toddlers with potty mouths), and a sublimely delicious potluck dinner. 

 Easter Montage!

Our neighbors' guests got into a fistfight in the driveway (yeah you heard me - a fistfight), and then, by way of apology I guess, they brought over their cat with her Easter miracle newborn kittens.  There was much talk of gobbling them up and putting them in pockets (we say some weird stuff when we think things are cute!), and they said we can have first dibs if we want a kitten.  Oh sigh.  Do you think a kitty cat would be a good road trip companion...?
Baby kitties and a protective momma

As I sat on the couch, watching my varied group of friends talk and laugh and play silly games, I realized I was sublimely happy in that moment.  It was almost as if, as cliche as it sounds, time slowed down & I wasn't thinking anything, wasn't worried about anything.  Just enjoying the happiness and friendship around me.  How many moments like this have passed by while I was too preoccupied to really live them?  Way too many.  Time to WAKE UP.

That said, today I walked to the bank to make a deposit (yay for paychecks!!) and it was so gorgeous outside that I grabbed a blanket and a book & sat in the park.  It was loverly.

This period of relative unemployment is really spoiling me.  Rotten.  And broke.

 Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ a beautiful day spent outside
~ reruns of The Office on TBS
~ my dad is ok (he hurt himself at work)
~ acting like I'm five again

xo! n.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! And those kittens are adorable! xoxo

  2. I feel the SAME way about the Edward Sharpe video. It's so adorable, love it.


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