Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is Just SO Good

I am giggly and happy today.  No reason, I just am.  Joy keeps bubbling up into laughter and happy tears; I don't know why.  What am I laughing at?  Nothing at all, just everything.

I'm still lazy, I'm still easily distractible, head in a cloud of beautiful things.  It's fine by me.

To the soundtrack of Little Joy (how appropriate!), I dream of 
riding bikes,
yup, that's me!*

blooming gardens,

breezy summer dresses,


cozy corners & good books

new places to explore,

and I just can't stop smiling at this hopeful love song:

 Yesterday I hung out with one of my favorite people, "my Sean" (and I'm "his little Nikki"); he was the first real friend I made in LA.  He's been my cheerleader, my therapist, and one of my few friends who believes in the power of things like gratitude, positivity, visualization, as much as I do.  He's a brilliant actor, a healer, and one of the most intuitive people I know.  Over curry and beer, we talked about our hopes and fears and next steps.  We spoke in the shorthand of our almost 6 year friendship; it's so nice to be with someone who just gets it, you know?  My Sean, I look forward to our little dream theatre company out on the rocky coast, and in the meantime, keep following your authentic self (no matter what).

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ sunny music
~ friendship like green spring roots
~ loveliness

What are you daydreaming about lately?

xo! n.
*all the other pictures are from


  1. What an adorable dog!! Is it a toy poodle? My sister has one and it's such a good natured dog.

  2. I just have to agree with you that yes, life is just SO SO good!

  3. Oh, I love this song and Little Joy! :)

  4. I love bike riding, Little Joy and summer dresses! :)

  5. Thanks for commenting, lovely ladies!

    And Lindsey, I don't know, is it a poodle or a labradoodle or...? I found that puppy picture on we heart it & fell in daydreaming love. :)

  6. Little Joy, Little Joy!
    So seemingly appropriate for your sunny images and sunny disposition.
    It is so amazing to have friends who just 'get it'. I am so blessed to have a handful of dear ones in my life. The ones who uplift, encourage, and inspire just by being there and speaking their truth. Over beer no less. There is nothing lovelier than beer and dreaming. May all your lovely dreams come true and that smile still paint your face, my dear!

    oh, ps i also packed up my life and moved halfway across the country and then a year later, all the way across the world. i can't wait to read of your adventures!!!


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