Thursday, September 3, 2009

Utah, here we come!

as most of you know - since all my followers at this point know me very well (and by saying "most" i'm allowing for a random person that may stumble across my blog) - my roommates & friends & i just wrapped filming a short written by my roommate, and it's been in the editing process for about a month now. well, as of last night, it's officially finished!

we're going to have a private, world-premier screening for cast & crew in a few weeks and there will be a public screening in october - probably while i'm in aussie, but i'll try to keep y'all posted.

and it's going to Sundance. Monday is the deadline for submissions & we've made it with a few days to spare. we're submitting it to Sundance, and it's going to be an 'Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival' and it's going to be a critic's choice, and when i get back from australia in december, i'm going to have to unpack my summer clothes & pack up some ski gear because we'll be headed to Utah to watch our film at Sundance. it will be glorious.

just putting that out there.

i'm really proud of my roommate, M; she wrote the film, produced it & starred in it - it's her baby - and she's put so much blood sweat and tears into it. i'm proud to be a part of it & i know it's only going to open the door to more projects for myself & my friends.

today i am so grateful & happy for:
~ Pivot is ready for Sundance!
~ talented, creative friends
~ being aware of our power & possibilities

xo! n.

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