Monday, September 28, 2009

starting the countdown...

image via we heart it

that's going to be my view in only 20 days.  i'm getting nervous.  just checked my bank accounts & i'm doing fine (sigh of relief) and re-acquainted myself with my backpack (it really is quite a useful device) and i've invested in a good pair of walking sandals and a very nice pair of sunglasses to keep those equatorial rays in check (yes, mom, i kept my promise).

i keep having nightmares that i have to leave for my flight & i've forgotten to pack.   i woke up last night sweating and terrified, jumped out of bed, opened my dresser drawer - to grab the things i'd forgotten? - and then realized i'd been dreaming.  i would prefer that this doesn't become a habit.  oh my.

this weekend was my roommates birthday & our third annual field day competition (yes, that's field day as in "our third grade class had field day today & we did the three legged race and the egg toss and..." you get the picture), so we spent the weekend debauched.  fun, fun, fun.  it really is a testament to my life here that i'm going to australia for two months & i keep thinking - but aww i'm gonna miss sooo much in LA!!  what a thing to lament.

today i am grateful & happy for:
~ a great weekend with a perfect birthday celebration
~ sleep!
~ despite my nerves, knowing everything's going to work out so i have a great trip

xo! n.

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