Thursday, September 24, 2009

"From the floorboards to the flys/Here I was fated to reside..."

...can the ties of the heart ever be completely severed? can we cut all connections like a sharp pair of scissors on taut yarn, or will our efforts always be a dull knife scratching through thick cable, fiber by fiber? even when we've let go, when we are relieved & happy that person is out of our lives, when they've hurt us unforgivably - if we had, at one time, truly let them into our heart, isn't there still even the tiniest thread connecting to them? the thread of memory - that smile, that strength, that thing you fell in love with... it may not be strong enough to pull us back or even make us notice it more than a pinch when it's being tugged, but isn't it there? are we all walking around in a spiderweb of past loves?

the photos above are from "Heartstring," one of my two original pieces in Side Work.  it's always hard for still images to do live theatre justice, but i'm really proud of this piece; i can't tell you how many people came up to me after with tears in their eyes, saying how much they related to it.

God, it felt good to be onstage again.  to ride the energy of the audience and to be overwhelmed by the tear-inducing joy of a standing ovation.  to know that you have moved someone, and created something that they'll be thinking about for a while.  i was meant for the stage.

today i am so grateful and happy for:
~ brilliant artistic friends
~ inspiration
~ the thrill of performance

xo! n.

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