Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i'm so happy.

maybe it's the fun size bag of peanut m&ms i just ate, or maybe it's the fun size snickers, or maybe it's the coffee talking, but despite getting 4 hours of sleep last night, i am dancing around the office today.

it's tech week for the show that's been my baby for 6 months, and everything is coming together. i swear, there isn't an obstacle that the seven of us can't overcome; talents keep bashfully stepping into view, new skills are learned, old skills are dusted off, and this show is living up to all of its potential.

i'm buzzing with joy. and caffeine.

can life get much better than this? i'm collaborating with a like-minded group of artists that are not only my collegues, but that i'm proud to call my friends. i'm spending hours upon hours in a theatre again (i've missed you, wings & grid & booth!), and working on something that i believe in wholeheartedly. and on top of all that, i'm getting ready for a huge australian adventure next month! it's unbelievable.

we're making it happen. today i am just so grateful and happy!

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