Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pleased to meet you, Denver

Virginia lured me calmly, with a polite slightly southern drawl and the quiet confidence of a city that's stood through the centuries.  I connected with my family; three hours talking porcelain with my grandma (yes, I could barely keep my eyes open, but oh my being there meant so much to her), burgers and beer with my aunt, days and days with my momma.  Moving there would be so easy - I have a free place to stay, lots of connections for jobs, an easy in to a creative group, and even possibly a new (to me) car.  But is it where I want to be?  Is it easy because it's right or just too easy?

My gut's not giving me any answers; I think it wants to weigh all the options first.  So, with that said:  Colorado, you're up.  Show me what you've got.

Flying into Denver, I was just as excited as flying into Sydney, Australia.  How funny is that?  A new place is a new place, no matter how exotic - it always gives me a fluttery thrill.  I was like a little kid, craning my neck to see past the wing to the mountains and flat, reaching farmland.  As we touched down, it was all giant sky and golden fields, stretching like the yellow brick road to Emerald City, Denver's skyscrapers huddled together on the horizon like a distant, steely oasis.

 My BFF picked me up from the airport & took me to her home.  It is surreal; she got married and moved to Denver a little over a year ago, and seeing someone I've known since I was 13 in this new adult life feels peculiar.  It's beautiful - she's so in love and her home is comfy and fitting - but it feels like a strange dream, unfamiliar and surprising but natural and so completely right.

She and her husband J gave me a quick driving tour of Park Hill, where they live, through downtown, and to The Highlands for a happy hour dinner of appetizers and wine on the rooftop of Vita, watching the sun set over the city skyline.  She has about eight million things in mind for me to do while I'm here (hilarious and adorable!), and it seems like Denver's got a pretty great social scene, from the microbreweries on every corner (and a biking tour of them!) to the "Canvas and Cocktails" painting class she's been waiting to take with me.  She keeps saying "when you move here..."

She also keeps asking me, "has Denver woo'd you yet?"  I tell her, this is our first date; I'm not that easy.

Com'on Denver, woo the crap out of me.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ Jet Blue's free in-flight TV and snacks, and free checked bag
~ laughing with my BFF
~ homemade zucchini walnut pineapple muffins

xo! n.


  1. I've been to Canvas and Cocktails! AMAZING and so much fun!

    AND HOW LONG ARE YOU HERE AND ARE YOU COMING TO BOULDER AND PLEASE SAY YES! I'd love to see you/meet you while you're here and this is a visitor-heavy week for me so I'd love to include you in the people-I-show-Boulder-to-this-week!

    Shoot me an email if you think we could play! doniree at gmail dot com :)

  2. Um, I second the Boulder thing. I'm here! If it's a weekend, I'll even drive the scary highway to Denver. :)

  3. So far the choice is between

    Steamed Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs or Fried Bull Testicles.

  4. Dont knock the oysters till you try em :)

  5. LOL, looks like we were in the same place at the same time, kind of, but I left Denver for San Francisco that Thursday.

    In addition to Denver, might I also suggest Fort Collins (about an hour north) as a place for great beer (New Belgium and their Tour de Fat are based there, as is Coopersmiths and Equinox and Odell) and brilliant cuisine of ALL sorts, as well as an extensive tatoo sub-culture and theatre-- (Openstage Theatre Company in "Fort Fun" does some really good work). Also, bikes. LOTS AND LOTS OF BIKES EVERYWHERE.

    Interestingly enough, Grand Junction in Western Colorado is a pretty cool place, too. Kannah Creek Brewing Company is quite wonderful. Their (alleged) Wine Country in Palisades is still in its infancy, but Plum Creek has produced a pretty solid Palisades Red and a delicious Rose (and I hate Roh-Says).

    Point being, (Central and Northern) Colorado is good ground with good people doing good things.

    Waitaminute, am I trying to convince YOU or me?

    And no, I don't work for the Colorado Tourism Board, or whatever it's called there.

  6. Whoops, disregard that, seems I can't read dates. I left Denver for the Bay Area LAST Thursday.

    One of the more wonderful side-effects of spending a month on the road, I suppose-- losing track of time.


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