Friday, September 17, 2010

Greetings from Colorado!

So happy and grateful!!
xo! n.


  1. Harrumph!
    I didn't appreciate that 'Puppy' comment.

  2. Good to see Amanda and Jimmy. Have fun while there. Gabby is sending a comment too. Not a happy doggie.

    PS: hugs to Amanda for me

  3. So sad I missed you!!! But that's because we're meant to meet in Cali. :)

    Glad these mountains are treating you well.

  4. OMG, is dat sum WASHINGTON PARK??? The tube slide on the fort/jungle jim/deathtrap near those swings almost took out a number of small children, including my niece. The operative word being "almost."

    I also found out that young children love the paddleboats until they realize they have to paddle as well.

  5. So cute! Sorry I missed you! If you email me your address, I'll send you a sticker much like that "YAY! YOU!" chalk thing on the sidewalk :) I just picked up a bunch of their stickers at the Farmer's Market this weekend!

  6. Sorry Gabi, but you're not a puppy anymore - you're the cutest DOG ever! :)

    Yes, Liam, it IS Washington Park! And I'm glad to hear the kids survived! haha!

    Doni - is the "yay you" a thing? We thought it was just random! I'd love a sticker!!

    Jess - ditto. Dad - they send their love too.


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