Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This song has gotten a lot of attention lately, but it deserves all of it.  Watch how happy they are singing it!  Let's all open up to even just a little bit of this exuberant joy and love... I swear it's infectious.

I don't feel well today.  I woke up achy and sore throat-y and stuffed up.  I have to get on a plane tomorrow and start my adventure - this is inappropriate!!  So I'm watching things that make me smile, laying on the couch with the fan pointed at me, eating vitamin c and chicken soup and neti potting it up.  I WILL be back to normal tomorrow.

Today I am so grateful and happy for:
~ vitamins
~ joy that's catching
~ the very best friends anyone could ever have
~ the adventure starts tomorrow!

xo! n.

PS - Stratejoy post up!!  My big dreams...  Here.


  1. Good luck on your trip!!! Keep us all updated...

  2. i LOVE that song. i love them. and their pure joy for life... they seem so enthusiastic and SO much fun to be around.

  3. p.s. sending get well wishes your way!

  4. my friend told me about this song the other is even more enjoyable to watch it!

  5. I love this song, even though their whistle skills make me a bit jealous....okay a lot jealous...


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