Friday, August 20, 2010

Ain't Life Grand?

Unpredictable, immeasurable, beautiful and incomprehensible.

I'm going traveling again.  I got a Jet Blue all-you-can-jet pass; it's unlimited flights around the US for the whole month of September for only $500.  I'm subleasing my new room (I know, I just made it a home!), packing a carry-on, and setting out on a new month-long adventure.

I'll be back in LA in October, and if any auditions or anything come up while I'm gone, the pass includes flights to LA, so I can come back.  I found it (thanks, Todd!!) at the exact right moment, and I couldn't think of a single reason NOT to do it.

It is amazing how perfect things can be when you expect nothing and are open to everything.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ amazing flight deals
~ friends around the country to visit
~ extra money opportunities
~ trust

xo! n.

PS- new Stratejoy post went up Wednesday - Check it out HERE


  1. If you want to stop in know you're invited. :)

    Also - you are so brave. I love it.

  2. I am SO EXCITED you are doing that!!!! You are my hero!

  3. Wow...

    Welp, it's pretty gratifying to get the whole story after the suspense of bits and pieces over the last several weeks/months/whatever.

    And here I was just hoping for a nice blog on about the marsupials and other denizens of the Island Continent... I mean, before the whole other bit involving you and an Ayn Rand film adaptation thingy.

    Well, congrats again on everything and anything.

    I'd be horrifically jealous if I weren't spending most of my September elsewhere.

  4. This is a FANTASTIC idea. so excited for you. where all are you going?? i wish i could do this right now, like, right now.


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