Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week One

My new place is starting to feel like home.  I wake up to sunshine at 9am, make coffee, run into roommates, laugh, go about my day.  I sit outside on the porch.  I write a lot because there are fewer distractions (I'm not even sure how to turn on the TV!) and my little desk-by-the-window setup is super conducive to creativity.  Dogs barking, yard work, and a distant confused rooster lend a soundtrack to my days.  My roommate & I made persimmon cookies & they taste like Christmas.

fresh-picked lemons with fresh-baked cookies on our porch

Life is good.

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ comfort
~ new friends
~ cool weather

xo! n.

PS- my second post is up on Stratejoy!!  Check it out here.


  1. That sounds like an adorable place to live. Congrats mama.

  2. Loved your pep talk, thanks for stopping by my blog, your so sweet!!!


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