Wednesday, July 7, 2010

purple mountains majesty

Last day of my little CA vacation, first day of the vacation-ish big unknown that is my life for the next two months...

Mom and I had a fantastic 4th of July.  It involved no fireworks, no BBQs and hardly any drinking, but there was nothing un-American about it.  We went kayaking off the Santa Barbara coast (we wanted to kayak the Channel Islands, but all the tours were booked up.  It was beautiful anyway) and then horseback riding up into the mountains.  Then we had dinner at a little Thai restaurant where we overheard our server say she'd just gotten back from Thailand that morning!  The next day, we drove out to Joshua Tree and have been hiking in the national park for the last two days.  It is just beautiful here... massive and impressive.  And wild.  We stumbled across Native American cave art!  Not roped off, no signs or anything, we were the only ones around & I literally did a double-take.  And so much wildlife - a herd of mountain bighorns (goats?), lots of scurrying lizards, chipmunks, and teensy birds, and even a long-eared rabbit, hiding under a palm.  It's peaceful here... though I couldn't live here, it kind of makes it hard to go back to the high-beam LA energy...

I have to be back in LA by 11am for a costume fitting for the movie tomorrow, so we're going to have an early night tonight & get up and on the road before any human should have to be awake.  Which is exciting and sucky all at the same time.  Then Mom leaves Friday, and it's couch-hopping for me...

Oh BUT I have some very, very awesome news!  ...that I can't share with you just yet.  And nope, it's nothing any of you will guess so just consider this your cliffhanger...  :)

I am so happy and grateful for:
~ the calm of the desert
~ air conditioning
~ being safe in our room & not out under Joshua Tree boulders when today's earthquake hit!
~ opportunities for honesty and connection

xo! n.

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