Saturday, July 24, 2010

2months 2make it

I know, I know, it's like middle school up in that title.  (U R 2 cute 2 B 4gotten!)

My friends are amazing - especially the kick-ass Sarah, whose couch I've been on for a full 2 weeks now - for letting me crash with them, but my back and neck are starting to feel the effects of couch springs & flat pillows, and I'm kinda over living out of a suitcase.

not me.  [source]

I've decided, if you couldn't tell by that last post, to give this industry & city one more chance.  One more chance to put me in movies, one more chance to bring me some happiness.  Do you like how I'm putting the pressure on them, not on myself?  :)  I'm still wary of committing to a full year in LA, but I've decided to stick around for two months & see what happens, see how I feel.  No, I'm not expecting to book something crazy big in that short time period, but I would like to get an agent, start auditioning again, and feel good about it all.  If I'm still miserable, I don't want to be stuck here.  If things are going well, I can stay longer.

I already know that if this doesn't work out, I can still be happy.  I've already come to terms with creating in other ways.  So I have nothing to lose.

Therefore, in an effort to ditch the suitcase & settle myself for a little bit (I am a Taurus after all, I need a home space), I have found a two month sublet!  It's a room in a house in Eagle Rock, and it's got enough closet space that I can keep all my boxes there.  The house is very bachelor-pad-messy but it's got a yard (wha!) with lemon tree (what!!) and a hammock (WHAT!!) and a back porch that stretches under my window, and I'm already imagining flowerpots and herb plants that I can see from my desk.

not my garden... but it could be!  [source]

The people seem nice, the price is right, and if I like it there, I can stay longer.  So that just suits me fine for now.  In a week, I will have a place from which to take life one day at a time...

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ free couches
~ new places
~ nothing to lose

xo! n.


  1. Good idea on taking it one day at a time. Good luck!

  2. I can't wait to show you around Eagle Rock! You have hit gold, my friend.

  3. Thanks Abby!
    Colin, I can't wait either!! You gotta show me how to get to all the good stuff from my new place! :)


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