Thursday, March 4, 2010

The very exciting news!

So before some of you get too antsy (Jayne) or get your hopes up too much (AB), it's time to reveal my very big news!
 drum roll please...

Susan Baker, a Creative Career Consultant and super cool advocate for life-changing adventures, has asked me to be a regular guest writer on her website, The Escape Hatcher!  You can check out my intro
me in Wilson's Promontory, overlooking Squeaky Beach, Australia

Her website brilliantly encourages people to "escape" jobs they don't love and gives them the courage to create the lives they've dreamt of.  Along those lines, I'll be writing in a bit of a different tone than I do here; detailing my progress and probable frustrations as I establish myself as a travel writer, and also motivating people with tips & techniques I've found useful in staying focused & positive even when things get rough.

I'll be writing bi-monthly, please check it out & while you're at it, check out my hilarious friend Todd's weekly Escape Artist entry here.

This is a big step toward my digital nomad independence!  So excited! 

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ new opportunities
~ relating
~ sunny days

xo! n.


  1. Congratulations!! Looks terrific, very excited for you! xx

  2. That's awesome! So happy for you! Can't wait to chat it up about everything...


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