Thursday, March 11, 2010

lovely and talented, part 2

I've been sick.

But by sick, I don't mean holed up in bed, miserable and achy and drifting in & out of medicated sleep (and no, I don't mean sick as in dirty - get yo minds out of the gutter - or sick as in awesome, although I know I am totally awesome), I mean that I've been congested as hell, coughing and snotty, but not feeling sick at all.  I've still gone to work, still gone out with friends, still have all my mental capacities and a normal level of energy.  It's weird.

However, that icky snotty feeling combined with the cold weather has born in me a craving for comfort foods.  So the other day, I attempted to make a delicious tomato soup with cheese & meatballs & croutons.  Mmmmm...

I say "attempted" because although the soup was out of a Campbell's can, the meatballs were pre-cooked and frozen, and I didn't even have to shred the cheese, I somehow managed to screw it up.

The meatballs weren't thawing, so I put a lid on the pot & then, oh so smartly, got distracted by the Ellen DeGeneres Show - dance it out, yo! - returning to the kitchen to find our stove covered in red soup.  Whoops.

So... maybe my mental capacities aren't completely intact, after all.

But you know whose absolutely are?  My super fantastic friend RJ Chesney!  (how's that for a segue?)

He just had a CD release party at the Hotel Cafe - which is a really big deal.  And he was amazing.  He sounded amazing, he looked so happy, and he had sooo many people out there supporting him.  It was really wonderful, and again, I am so grateful and happy and proud of my lovely and amazing friends.

You can buy his album here

I don't know that LA is really home for me, but I do love the fact that everyone here is doing something creative.  And when people succeed, they do it big.  The creative energy of my friends is astounding. 

Today I am so grateful & happy for:
~ those amazing friends of mine, once again
~ my ultimately delicious soup
~ puffs plus tissues

xo! n.

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