Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mini Adventure

I'm in Virginia with my momma for a mini little family-inclusive vacay.

Flying out here was interesting; I don't know if because of traveling, I have a more open energy about me, or if I have a face people want to trust, or if it was just one of those odd days, but everyone seemed to want to strike up a conversation with me.  From the guy sitting next to me at Chili's to the guy waiting for his family to come out of baggage claim, to the guy I bumped into while exiting the airplane bathroom (yup)...  come to think of it, they were all guys...  maybe I'm just a hottie.

Ha ha!  Yeah, not so much.

 my bright luggage waiting to board the plane

Although, the couple next to me on the plane were the opposite; I think they hated me.  I'm pretty sure they thought I was sitting in their seat, which I wasn't, I had the middle seat out of the three, but I very happily scooted over to the window seat with no fuss.  Later, I did have to squeeze out to use the bathroom - once - and despite me being polite & saying "thank you" and "sorry" profusely, they gave me death looks.  I guess they're just really good at holding it.

Anyway, I'm here, at my momma's sweet little house, and it hasn't stopped raining.  My mom keeps the house cold so I'm sitting at the dining room table in my brother's old discarded sweatshirt, watching the rain cling to bare tree branches like pearl rings on bony fingers.

My grandma's porcelain bird and the skeleton trees

I love spending time with my mom; we're very similar and I can tell her anything.  My first night here, we sat up drinking wine & talking & crying (we always end up crying, but it's not a bad thing) and laughing...

Being here does make me want to nest though.  My mom has a great eye for interior design & it's her hobby to window shop, accumulating ideas & beautiful things.  Being with her has always brought out the domestic side of me; it spurs my imagination, and I dream about a cozy home of my own with my photos and art on the walls, colorful pillows on the couch, and puppies at my feet.

And it's that old war between wanting a life of travel and wanting a comfy nest.  But ah well, both will come, neither needs to be rushed...

On her mantel, Momma has a message for herself.  She says it reminds her, everyday, as she leaves the house to look for it & recognize it in her life:

I think that's pretty cool, and a reminder we can all use sometimes.  Now y'all know where I get my positive outlook...  :)

Today I am so happy & grateful for:
~ spending time with my mom
~ knowing I have what I need now, and always will
~ heart-shaped rocks and porcelain birds
~ safe travels

xo! n.

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  1. You are definitely a hottie! to be exact, "what a woman!"


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