Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes good things just happen.  And it's weird when you kinda put it out there wanting them to happen, but not in an obsessive way, just in thinking, "I kinda feel like a granny smith apple right now..."

...and then your friend walks out and offers you her granny smith apple.

That actually did happen to me.  Delicious, nutritious and surprising.  And recently I've been thinking how badly I need a haircut but I can't afford it so ...oh well.  Today, I bartended with a really cool guy who, afterward, needed a ride to the bus stop.  Well, it was late and rainy and I refused to drop him at the bus stop - it's not safe! - and instead took him home.  In return, he offered to give me a free haircut!  Turns out he's a hairstylist at a swanky West Hollywood salon.  Wha??

I love stuff like that.

I don't think it's pure coincidence either; I believe that the more grateful you are for whatever is already in your life, and the less attached you are to the things you want (aye there's the rub!  unattachment is the hard part, but lets start with the little stuff), the more likely you are to get the things you ask for. 

So let's try it, friends.  What are you so grateful and happy for today?

I'm so grateful & happy for:
~ the support of my lovely friends
~ serendipity
~ strangers reading & enjoying my blog!!  thank you!

xo! n.

1 comment:

  1. i am thankful for you (cue cheesy music)...
    Today I am grateful and thankful for:
    *being creative and surrounding myself with creative people
    *things coming together.


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