Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy...

I am over the moon!  

I just (well, a few days ago, but I'm a bit behind) received my very first blog award!!! Courtney, over at the lovely blog Just A Little Mishap, passed on two awards rolled into one, and asked me to name seven things that I love (slash) seven things about myself.  So here goes...

1.  I love peanut butter.  I will put it on just about anything, and often I just eat it with a spoon.  When my friend AB was in Amsterdam, she saw little one-serving packets of pb & they reminded her of me so she sent them to me in a package along with a framed photo.  When I got it, the glass of the frame had shattered, sliced open the pb & everything in the package was a sticky mess.  I salvaged the photo, but not the pb, and that made me sad.
2.  Sometimes I argue just to be argumentative.  But don't you dare point it out when I'm doing it, because I will argue with you.

3.  I love throwing parties, especially when costumes are involved.  I used to be the kid in middle school who hosted themed sleepovers, I'm now the girl (one of a trifecta of party-throwing divas) in my neighborhood who hosts costumed cocktail parties, and I'm sure I'll be the grown-up woman who hosts dress-up dinner parties.

4.  I love afternoon naps with the windows open.

5.  I talk out loud to myself quite a bit when I'm alone.

6.  I love music.  I love discovering new music, sharing it with people who might like it, and knowing about the artists.  I am happier with a soundtrack.

7.  When I was little, I wanted to be either a librarian or an archeologist.  An archeologist so I could dig in the dirt & imagine other lives.  A librarian so I could read all the books.  Did I not realise libraries are free and open to the public...?

And now it's time to pass this lovely honor onto some fellow bloggers -- drum roll please...

Zen Momma at Stalking Sunsets

xo! n.


  1. Love the list! Thanks so much for playing :)
    Maybe you should throw a "bloggers costume cocktail party"...

  2. I even talk to myself sometimes when other people are around...miss you friend...

  3. i finally fufilled my award obligations, and realized that it is almost identical to yours- totally unintentional! but its because we are kindred spirits, cupcake. i miss you!


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