Friday, January 7, 2011

Heart a flutter Friday - Get Cozy.

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's been quite a week for me; being back at work after a long vacation is... well... uuuuhhhggg...  But we got through it, didn't we?  So now it's time to celebrate!

Here are some soft and fuzzy things to keep your imagination cozy this January weekend:

Boho Slouchy Cabled Hat by Knittingcate on Etsy
I love all the subtle colors in this hat and the thick cable knit.  Wearing this, you'd bring a little confetti splash of unexpected color to a grey winter day, while still keeping warm and looking cool.

Small Moon Jellyfish in Organic Cotton by Awkward on Etsy
Strange and wonderful.  How cute would this be in a bohemian beach bungalow?  Or just hanging in my window so I can imagine I'm in a bohemian beach bungalow...  :)

Hand Embroidered Pendant by Merriweathercouncil on Etsy
So pretty, simple and tactile.  Vintage inspired but kinda silly and fun.

Cowl Top by Replicca on Etsy
This looks sooooo comfy cozy; it bet it feels like a sweatshirt but it looks adorable!  And ladies, it's built in such a way that will flatter your boobies & hide that winter tummy... just sayin is all...

Campfire print by Groundwork on Etsy
It may be cold outside, but you'll feel warm and safe around this campfire.

Nero Square Crochet Ring by gitte on Etsy
It's like a sweater for your finger!  Finally a big ring I can't knock someone out with!

Well, there you have it; I hope you all have a lovely, cozy weekend and stay warm!

Today I am so happy and grateful for:
~ clarity
~ options
~ strength

xo!  n.

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