Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mayo Mary

**This post was written on May 5th, very early, but I had no internet access til later...  fyi**

It seems like lately, every time I travel domestically, my flights are delayed.  The last time I flew to DC, my flight was actually canceled & I was transferred to another airline, so I had to go through security twice.  Yikes.

Today, on my way to North Carolina for my brother's college graduation (yay!) and en route, stopping to visit some college friends (double yay!), my flight from LA was delayed after we'd boarded, just enough that it got me into Minneapolis 20 minutes before my flight to Charlotte was due to depart.  Just enough time to think I had a chance of catching it.  Just enough time to run to the gate, which, of course, was on the entirely opposite side of the airport.  And, of course, that flight was right on time.  And, of course, I missed it by, oh, about one minute.

Which brings us to why I'm having a bloody mary in the airport TGIFriday's at 6am, LA time.

For the record, that's 8am Minneapolis time, and that's still way too early to be drinking, I realize, but I pretty much got a 2 hour nap on the plane so to my body it's still Tuesday.  A weird, sun-never-sets kind of Tuesday.  And it's a vacation.  And did I mention I missed my flight and my 45 minute layover just turned into three hours?  Besides, technically, it's Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Margarita Day!  I'm cheers-ing you with my TGIExtraOlives Bloody Mary.   :)

Speaking of, I love olives.  And I love how the word olive sounds like I love.  Olive olives!  I crave them; one time, I was out at this classy joint The Magic Castle, and I wanted a dirty martini but I knew I didn't want that much alcohol, so I got a glass of white wine with 2 olives in it.  Weird?  I know.  Teeter and Chick sneered in disgust, but it was perfect.  Mmmmm…

I feel important typing on my computer in an airport restaurant.  Like a business person (as though that's a "thing").  I have work to do, leave me alone, I'm very serious!!  Little do they know… hee hee, you're in on the secret…  Though, I doubt I look very serious and business-like, in my hippie dress next to my neon green suitcase.  Then again, you never can tell with us "Millennium Generation"-ers; we do things our own way, apparently.  I read an article on the plane about how we're willing to search for jobs with meaning & want to skip the "shit" jobs at the bottom of the ladder.  I'm not sure if I'm a little in love with my generation for that & totally exemplify it, or if I think it's arrogant & somewhat lazy; either way, I am it, it is me, for better or for worse.

I am rambling, forgive me.  It's the product of no sleep, excitement, boredom, and yes, a little bit of vodka.  By the way (not really at all), the waitstaff here don't wear flair.  I wonder if they saw "Office Space" and knew everyone was laughing at them; I wonder how many TGIFriday's employees heard giggles and quotes behind their backs after that movie came out.

Allright, well, I think my breakfast is coming & I've prattled on long enough about nothing.  Bring on the toast!

Today I am so happy for:
~ traveling for great reasons
~ meal vouchers as apologies for delayed flights
~ delicious things

xo! n.


  1. I wish this had been posted on may 5th..HIGHlarious! I have a similar story, but one that turned out better than yours with my flights being delayed. Glad you enjoyed it though!

  2. I actually read that same article. I am at the tale end of Generation X (Which has it's own humor to me). But I thought that I was very exemplary of that generation. Hummm....Do we follow that pattern or are we the pattern?

  3. Helloooo.... I was with you too drinking your white wine with olives. I make a special trip to LA to see you and no mention of ME snickering. and I am the biggest snickerer of them all :)


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