Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a quick little hi there

Last night we had our second installment of Unstill Life and I sold three more pieces with one special order!  The evening was fantastic & even though I got waaaay more nervous about singing because in this venue we actually had a stage with an audience (and I messed up the lyrics once), I felt really good about my performances.  I even had a couple strangers tell me that they really enjoyed it; one girl even said it was her favorite part of the night!!

 Chick putting final touches on her art display

So that was success.  I am so very proud of us for making this happen.

Tomorrow my momma gets into town and we have to pack up all my stuff so that Jamey can move into my room as planned.  I've had a lot of anxiety about the next month - having my plans change so unexpectedly - BUT they're changing for a good reason so I'm just going to enjoy it.  Since I can't start my road trip yet, Mom & I are going to spend two weeks vacationing and having adventures in California.  Stay tuned to hear all about it...

Today I'm so grateful & happy for:
~ selling art!
~ my amazing fellow Side Work artists
~ momma coming into town

xo! n.


  1. do you have a place where you post all your art work? could you please have that?

  2. Make sure you go to San Luis Obispo!

  3. Jess - I don't... yet. But I plan to. As soon as I get a little more settled (seeing as how I don't have a room or a bed right now...) I plan on opening an etsy shop. thanks, cupcake!

    Colin - we totally will! any must-sees there?

  4. Bubble Gum Alley(downtown SLO), Andersen's split pea soup in Buellton(on the way to SLO), Demetria estate for a wine tasting that will change your life(near Los Olivos, which is also on the way to SLO/call ahead for reservation and check out the website for pics), Los Olivos cafe' for lunch or dinner(get the apetizer with honeycomb and cheese), and stay at the Sycamore Springs Resort and Spa in SLO/Avila Beach. You can get your own balcony with sulfer spring water which is great for your health. Smells like egg though.


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