Sunday, August 30, 2009

chugga chugging along

so, b. is definitely out. looks like i'll be doing Sydney & Melborne by my solo self. it's all good.

buuuut... an old college girl friend, t., might be able to make it for the last third of my trip & meet me in Cairns to dive the Great Barrier Reef & sail the Whitsundays with me. i haven't seen her in years, but i know she's a really independent girl so i'm thinking she'll be a good travel buddy. and that looks like it might be the most expensive leg of the trip, so maybe it'll help cut the cost too...

i honestly don't really care if i travel alone or with someone. i'm just going with the flow.

in other news...

i spent the whole weekend working on photos, videos & images for Side Work, and not only was it fun and creative and we got it all done, but i realized we have all the talent & drive & resources & ingenuity to start our own production company. i mean, seriously folks. let's make it happen.

...after australia. :)

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