Thursday, August 20, 2009

be afraid. be very afraid.

man, i think i am pms-ing. i'm just grouchy. and i keep thinking about everything i've got going on - great stuff, incredible stuff - and just feeling like, "harrumph" (and various other grumpy old man sounds).

once a month i turn into stormcloud jenkins. there's absolutely nothing wrong, and i know it, but i feel uncharacteristically negative. it's a gorgeous day outside - ugh, the sun's too bright! i'm hot so i turn the a/c on & then i'm - ugh why is it soooo f-ing cold!? my radio is coming in static-y - uggghhh, whyyyyyy, i don't waannnaaaaa change the station! with every little inconvenience, i throw cuss words like daggers.

i also feel exhausted, no matter how much sleep i've gotten, so i'm dragging my ass around like some pissed-off zombie, stumbling & moaning, cussing knives, whining about the trials of being un-dead, and feasting on innocent bystanders. watch. out.

but i also have to say, to any men that are reading this, you may think that because i can make jokes about it, i'm ok with YOU making jokes about it. word of warning: WRONG. women can blame their behavior on pms, apologize for having pms, even make a joke about pms & everyone can have a hearty laugh. but if a man, even in the nicest of tones, suggests a woman is pms-ing, the only thing everyone is going to have is a fight, and possibly the silent treatment for a few hours.

you've been warned. proceed with caution.

anyway, i realize this has absolutely nothing to do with anything i've said this blog is about, but it's also my blog so i can write whatever i want. (i'm sticking my tongue out at you) deal with it or don't read it.

today i am happy & grateful for:
~ coffee
~ a clean room
~ internet access at work
~ my sneezes are onomatopoeia - they actually do sound like "ha-choo!!"

xo! n.

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